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 Video Lectures & Presentations 

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Ethics, Responsibility, and Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness with Rev. Dr. Jessica Rochester.
Rev. Dr. Jessica Rochester / George Monty Ayahuasca Awakening –The Four Cornerstones of Self-Care Part Three – Self-Respect. TrueLife 02.08.2023
Dr. Jessica Rochester - Guiding the Psyche: Navigating Vulnerability in Entheogenic Spaces. TrueLife 06.12.2023
Rev. Dr. Jessica Rochester - The Psychedelic Movement & Issues of Power.
TrueLife 06.11.2023
Susan Guner Podcast #74
True Life Podcast: Ayahuasca Awakening 1

Psychedelic Conversations with Susan Guner interviews Rev. Dr. Jessica Rochester - Ayahuasca Awakening

This podcast covers the difference between entheogens and psychedelics, the importance of apprenticeship, role models in western civilization, recreational use of psychedelics, spiritual emergency and awakenings, spiritualizing psychopathology

True Life Podcast: Ayahuasca Awakening 2
Watch Ayahuasca Awakenings: Interview with Rev Dr Jessica Rochester

The internationalization of Ayahuasca and the current interest in entheogens and psychedelics for treatment and self-discovery bring challenges to professionals and participants alike. While licensed ritual use, research and clinical efforts are moving forward, there seems to be little knowledge available for the community at large regarding the experiences, and the potential awakening precipitated by non-ordinary states of consciousness (NOSC). 

This presentation discuses the “maps” necessary for depth inner exploration, for these journeys require a broader cartography of the self and the unseen, transpersonal realms. We will address how in NOSC each person’s experience is unique, why issues such as boundaries, identities and ethics need specific attention, and how to wisely manage care of one’s body, soul, and spirit during the process of self-discovery. Join Dr. Pam Kryskow and Dr. Reverend Jessica Rochester for this necessary discussion of the importance of self care surrounding psychedelic experiences.

Watch Ayahuasca Awakenings: Interview with Rev Dr Jessica Rochester

Stephen Gray interviews Rev Dr Jessica Rochester on her books: Ayahuasca Awakening, and the emerging field of psychedelic therapies and the need for guidelines.

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This interview is one of over two dozen with leading influencers in fields related to psychedelics and consciousness transformation. All of the interviews can be viewed on the 

Stephen Gray Vision YouTube channel

Spiritual Reality: Please join us! Rev. Dr. Jessica Rochester, Dr. David Salomon and Benjamin GeorgeHosted by George Monty True Life Podcast: Spiritual Reality

It seems in this world of digitization, we are experiencing the transition from the age of “things” to the age of “non-things.” More and more people are migrating from the earth we live on and under the stars to google earth and the cloud. This migration is fundamentally changing our relationship with the felt presence of the other. I feel like this age of information, has been, is attempting to supplant “virtual reality” in place of “Spiritual Reality”. It is this “Spiritual Reality” that I would like to get perspective on.

The Santo Daime and the Search for Consciousness Meaning and Spirituality.

Rev Jessica Rochester D.Div, St James Literary Society Montreal March 3,2021.


The Santo Daime, Entheogens, Consciousness, and Spiritual Evolution.

Rev Jessica Rochester D.Div, University of Ottawa Department of Classics and Religious Studies, July 21, 2020.


Depression, Mood Disorders, Well-being and Psychedelics / Dr Paul Grof

A Conversation with Dr. Paul Grof and Rev. Dr. Jessica Rochester. Hosted by the Ottawa Psychedelic Education Network (OPEN) and the Psychedelic and Spirituality Studies Initiative at uOttawa’s Department of Classics and Religious Studies, November 23, 2019. Psychedelics – past and present, variety of benefits, focus on treatment efficacy with examples of studies and patients.

Depression, Mood Disorders, Well-being and Psychedelics / Rev Dr Jessica Rochester

Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, Spiritual Development, and the Transpersonal Maps of the Self.

Depression, Mood Disorders, Well-being and Psychedelics, Dr Paul Grof and Rev Dr Jessica Rochester, Questions and Answers.


Consciousness and Self-Discovery Part One

Presentation for Montreal Psychedelic Society, April 2019. Explores the role of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, the “maps” of the self, and personal development.

Consciousness and Self-Discovery Part Two

Presentation for Montreal Psychedelic Society, April 2019. Explores the role of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, the “maps” of the self, and personal development.

The Ayahuasca Religions, the Sacrament,
the Traditions, the Science Conference

View Videos:

The Ayahuasca Religions: The Sacrament, the Traditions and the Science was held at St. James United Church, Montreal, QC, Canada, on October 19th, 2019 Montréal, Québec, Canada. This was Canada’s first conference on the religious and scientific aspects of Ayahuasca.

  • Opening Ceremony: Elders Paul-Conrad Carignan & Sylvia Bertolini

  • The Santo Daime in Canada, Céu do Montreal and Evolutionary Eclecticism: Rev. Jessica Rochester D.Div.

  • Criteria for Defining What Constitutes Conscientious Responsible Sacramental Use: Mestre Jeffrey Bronfman

  • The Emerging New Worldview and Entheogens: Paul Grof, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Ayahuasca in North America and Europe: Psychoactive Sacraments and the Limits of Religious Freedom: Marc Blainey, Ph.D., R.P.

  • Ayahuasca, Public Policy and the Re-emergence of Psychedelic Science: Kenneth Tupper, Ph.D.

  • Exploring the Intersection of Healing and Spirituality: The Case for Ayahuasca-assisted Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addiction: Brian Rush, Ph.D.

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