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The Ayahuasca Religions, the Sacrament, the Traditions, the Science

The Ayahuasca Religions: The Sacrament, the Traditions and the Science was held at St. James United Church, Montreal, QC, Canada, on October 19th, 2019 Montréal, Québec, Canada
The Ayahuasca Religions, The Sacrament, the Traditions and the Science was Canada’s first conference on the religious and scientific aspects of Ayahuasca.

– Opening Ceremony: Elders Paul-Conrad Carignan & Sylvia Bertolini

– The Santo Daime in Canada, Céu do Montreal and Evolutionary Eclecticism: Rev. Jessica Rochester D.Div

– Criteria for Defining What Constitutes Conscientious Responsible Sacramental Use: Mestre Jeffrey Bronfman

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Depression, mood disorders, well-being and psychedelics

A Conversation with Dr. Paul Grof and Rev. Dr. Jessica Rochester

Hosted by the Ottawa Psychedelic Education Network (OPEN) and the Psychedelic and Spirituality Studies Initiative at uOttawa’s Department of Classics and Religious Studies




Dr Paul Grof
Psychedelics – past and present, variety of benefits, focus on treatment efficacy with examples of studies and patients

Rev Dr Jessica Rochester
Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, Spiritual Development, and the Transpersonal Maps of the Self



Rev Dr Jessica Rochester & Dr Paul Grof

“In conversation” with Q&A



The Santo Daime, Entheogens, Consciousness,
and Spiritual Evolution


The Santo Daime and the Search for Consciousness, Meaning and Spirituality

An overview of the Santo Daime tradition, and a discussion about consciousness and non-ordinary states of consciousness. Lecture given 03.03.2021 at the St. James Society, Montreal, Canada.